Cool Stuff: 'The Mandalorian' Cereal Lets You Eat Baby Yoda For Breakfast

When Baby Yoda got punched by a Scout Trooper in the first season finale of the Star Wars series The Mandalorian, fans went crazy. The internet basically called for the head of Jason Sudeikis, who played the violating Imperial trooper, even though he apparently forgot about the scene until he started trending on Twitter because of it. But how will they treat themselves so harshly when they're presented with the opportunity to eat Baby Yoda in the form of tiny marshmallows in The Mandalorian cereal?

The Mandalorian Cereal with Baby Yoda Marshmallows

The Mandalorian Cereal

Since the second season of The Mandalorian won't arrive until sometime in October, fans will have to satiate their hunger literally with this new Star Wars cereal inspired by the Disney+ series. Described on the box as "fruity flavored sweetened cereal with marshmallows and other natural flavors," this looks like a pretty basic breakfast. It makes me miss the days when more cereals branded by movies and TV shows were available to buy for our enjoyment during Saturday morning cartoons.

The Takeout (via Nerdist) reports The Mandalorian cereal from General Mills will be available in the double bag box exclusively at Sam's Club locations starting later this month and into August. When the middle of August rolls around, it'll start to show up in Walmart in single bag boxes. It's not clear if it will be available in other grocery stores after that. But since Walmart is everywhere, you shouldn't have any problem getting ahold of it, even though we don't know how log it will be available.