'John Mulaney And The Sack Lunch Bunch' Is Headed To Comedy Central For Two New Specials

John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch brought together the brilliant comedy of the titular Saturday Night Live writer and the format of a classic kids show from the 1980s for an outstanding comedy special on Netflix last year. Now the comedian and his ragtag group of eager kids will be returning for two more comedy specials, but this time it's Comedy Central who will be producing them, starting with a holiday-themed edition that will arrive later this year. Comedy Central announced the new deal for two new John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch specials in a press release today. It marks John Mulaney's first time returning to the network with a new special since he debuted New in Town on the cable channel in 2012.

In case you missed it last year, John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch is an hour-long variety special in the vein of classic children's television shows like Sesame Street, The Electric Company and The Great Space Coaster. With songs, skits, and activities, Mulaney and some precocious kids deal with existential issues, focus groups for kids movies, how algebra caused a man to lose an eye (but not really), loving plain noodles with just a little bit of butter, death, and much more. Here's one of the segments from the show for your enjoyment:

John Mulaney's riotous special also included some celebrity guests, such as Richard Kind and David Byrne, not to mention an outstanding appearance by Jake Gyllenhaal as Mr. Music, so there should be some exciting new guests to surprise us in the next couple iterations. But what really makes the series work so well was the fantastic cast of kids, and it sounds like they'll all be back for these two new specials.

In the press release announcing the new John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch specials, Mulaney said:

"I was an intern at Comedy Central when I was barely older than the kids in the 'Sack Lunch Bunch.' I wasn't a very good intern, so I am psyched they hired me again. We are thrilled to bring these specials to Comedy Central: a place where I have had so many good times."

Interestingly enough, when John Mulaney was in intern at Comedy Central, he was the one tasked with telling the network's executives that Dave Chappelle had disappeared in the middle of production on the third season of Chappelle's Show. Listen to him tell this surreal story to Netflix over here.

John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch was written by Mulaney and Markia Sawyer, directed by Rhys Thomas, and featured original music composed by Eli Bolin. We're not sure if they're all returning for these two new specials, but either way, we can't wait to see them.

You can watch John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch on Netflix right now.