The Disney+ Version Of 'Hamilton' Is Not Eligible For Oscars

The members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences know all about the filmed version of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton on Disney+, but when it comes to whether or not the movie will be eligible for Oscars at next year's ceremony, the Academy rule-makers will, to quote one of the musical's songs, say no to this. Looks like Miranda won't be putting any Hamilton Oscars on his shelf next to the Grammys, Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Billboard Music Award, and other prizes the show has racked up over the years.

Sorry, Hamilton fans: Miranda won't be able to "blow us all away" with a memorable Oscar speech. At least, not for this movie. Maybe his feature directorial debut – an adaptation of Tick, Tick...Boom! starring Andrew Garfield – will give him that chance. But Vulture spoke with a source at the AMPAS who said, "as a recorded stage production, Hamilton is not eligible for awards consideration."

One might say that Hamilton's award-winning run has been "non-stop" since the musical first debuted Off-Broadway back in 2015. But if Miranda was thinking about "what comes next", hoping an Oscar for the Disney+ version would "be enough," and he was ready to "wait for it" until next year's ceremony, it appears that he'll never be "satisfied."

"What'd I miss?" he'll ask dejectedly on Oscar night after the movie doesn't win, "helpless" after his "story of tonight" failed to pan out the way he hoped. "Well, Mr. Miranda," I'll say (I'm inexplicably there in this scenario, just go with it), "I know you've been in a 'hurricane' of work lately remodeling your kitchen and getting caught in 'cabinet battle #1' and 'cabinet battle #2', but you really should have 'taken a break' and had 'your obedient servant' – your 'right hand man,' if you will – 'meet you inside' and read you the rules about the film's eligibility before you entered 'the room where it happens.' If you didn't like the way the ruling was made, maybe you could have spoken with Denzel and gotten 'Washington on your side' to maybe get it altered before you got 'burned.'"

"I know him," Miranda would quietly say with his eyes glazed over, before abruptly shooting me in the chest with his vintage replica of Hamilton's gun, standing over my crumpled body, whispering "stay alive," and then shooting me "one last time" to finish the job. He'd pause then in amazement, shaking his head and muttering "guns and ships" almost in disbelief, flashing back to a fun Friday night conversation we'd once had about which items were the most likely to kill us. But then "my shot" would ring out, Miranda would look down and slowly realize that I wasn't dead yet: I'd shot him with my own vintage Aaron Burr replica gun while Jason Derulo's "Do Whatcha Say" plays in the background. Yes, now we're just doing The Lonely Island's great "Dear Sister" Saturday Night Live sketch.