The Morning Watch: 'The Boys' Season 1 Bloopers Reel, Disney's July 4th Fireworks Spectacular & More

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, watch lines get flubbed in The Boys season 1 bloopers reel, featuring cast members like Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and more. Plus, enjoy the Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular from Disney's Magic Kingdom Park to make up for the fact that a lot of big fireworks shows were canceled this year. And finally, watch The Hollywood Reporter's comedy actors roundtable with hopeful Emmy contenders like Kumail Nanjiani, Kenan Thompson,and more.

The Boys is an irreverent take on what happens when superheroes, who are as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians and as revered as Gods, abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good. In the blooper real from the show's first season on Amazon Prime, you'll see what happens when these superheroes also don't know their lines and keep making each other laugh. It's a good way to kill time until season two arrives.

Next, there's a good chance that you didn't get a big fireworks show this year thanks to the coronavirus ruining Fourth of July celebrations across the United States. In order to help make the holiday better, Disney World played a recording of their Fireworks Spectacular from the patriotic holiday back in 2018. Enjoy watching sparks fly above Disney's Cinderella Castle!

Finally, The Hollywood Reporter virtually rounded up comedy actors Ricky Gervais (Afterlife), Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley), Dan Levy (Schitt's Creek), Ramy Youssef (Ramy), and Kenan Thompson (Saturday Night Live) to talk about their careers and respective shows, which will hopefully be in the running for some Emmys later this year.