'The Boys' Season 2 Gets A September Premiere Date, Episodes Will Arrive Weekly

The Boys are back and ready for round two against the superheroes this fall. Amazon Prime Video has set The Boys season 2 premiere date for this September, with a slightly different release format for the episodes owing to the show's growing popularity.

Amazon Prime Video announced that The Boys season 2 will premiere on September 4 with the first three episodes, before launching into a weekly schedule with new episodes dropped every Friday through October 9.

The three-episode drop is a pretty flashy premiere for the series, but one in line with the show's explosive popularity, with The Boys becoming one of the most successful debuts for an Amazon Original series. The announcement of the unique debut comes out of the virtual Paleyfest panel with showrunner Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and his cast, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Here is what we can expect from season 2, which debuted a first trailer late last year, according to EW:

Season 2 finds the Boys — Hughie (Quaid), Mother's Milk (Laz Alonso), Frenchie (Tomer Capon), and Kimiko/the Female (Karen Fukuhara) — on the run from the law with Billie (Urban) nowhere to be found. He's been occupied by the surprise revelation that his wife isn't dead after all and she's been in hiding with her son, conceived when Homelander (Starr) assaulted her. Speaking of the Supes in the Seven, Starlight (Moriarty) now has to navigate her place on the team after facing off against A Train (Jessie T. Usher). With the threat of new supervillains, which were caused when Homelander gave the Compound V to international terrorists, Vought seeks to capitalize on the nation's growing paranoia.

Homelander is also now looking to take full control of the Seven, but a new Supe on the block, the social media-savvy, plasma-powered Stormfront (Aya Cash), complicates that goal.

The Boys premieres on Amazon Prime video on September 4, 2020.