HBO Max Extending Availability Of Several DC Movies Through December

HBO Max's rollout wasn't as notoriously bad as Quibi's, but the team behind WarnerMedia's new streaming service probably would have benefited from being a little clearer about the availability of certain movies and shows on the platform. That extends to its roster of DC-centric content, because while the company previously announced that movies like Justice League, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and more would be leaving the service on July 1, it has since changed course on that. Now those movies (and several others) will be available on HBO Max through December of this year. Get the details below.

HBO Max has sent out a press release saying that, "by popular demand," the following films will be available to stream on the service through December 2020:

  • Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2016
  • Justice League, 2017
  • Suicide Squad, 2016
  • Superman: The Movie, 1978
  • Superman II, 1980
  • Superman III, 1983
  • Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, 1987
  • Superman: Unbound, 2013*
  • Watchmen (Movie), 2009*
  • Wonder Woman, 2017
  • (According to their press release, the asterisks are supposed to be for movies which don't arrive on the service until July 1, but all of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies arrive on July 1 and none of those have asterisks next to them, so ¯\_(?)_/¯. Probably just a typo.)

    Justice League, Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and Suicide Squad were among titles that were supposed to cycle off HBO Max on July 1, along with things like the late '80s and '90s Batman movies, Catwoman, Jonah Hex, and more. But now the first four of those movies will stay until 2021, giving fans the opportunity to watch almost all of the DC Extended Universe films in one place. Zack Snyder's 2013 movie Man of Steel, which launched the DCEU, is not currently available on any streaming platform.

    While the ideal scenario would be for HBO Max to be the sole home for all of the DC movies, the reality of the current streaming environment is such that film studios often don't have the ability to consolidate every title under one roof so quickly. WB likely has previous licensing deals with other services and/or cable channels, so it could be years before every DC movie is solely streaming on the HBO Max platform. An HBO Max spokesperson had previously explained that there was "another batch" of DC movies coming in July and then another in August, so while some of these movies have temporarily extended their stay at the platform, expect them to come and go once 2021 rolls around.