'Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga' Trailer: Will Ferrell And Rachel McAdams Put On A Wild Show

The Eurovision Song Contest remains a puzzling spectacle for Americans. Why, every year, does all of Europe get so intense about a song competition? Why do the performances and costumes look like they emerged from some crazed acid trip? Why is someone dressed like a unicorn? We may never know the true answers, but Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams will do their best to translate the European phenomenon to U.S audiences with the upcoming Netflix comedy film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. The duo reunite with Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin to star as a pair of outlandish Icelandic singers who realize their dream of competing in Eurovision — to everyone else's disappointment. Watch the Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga trailer below.

Eurovision Song Contest The Story of Fire Saga Trailer

Every year since the first contest was held in Switzerland in 1956 with seven West European nations participating, the European continent is captivated by the increasingly glamorous and ludicrous Eurovision Song Contest, to the confusion of Americans on the other side of the Atlantic. But maybe we U.S. viewers can finally understand the appeal with the Netflix comedy film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. David Dobkin pokes fun at the outsized song contest with the film, which stars Ferrell and McAdams as Lars Erickssong and Sigrit Ericksdottir, two small-town Icelandic singers who dream of competing in Eurovision. The problem is, they're the butt of everyones' jokes, which doesn't change much when they do land a spot in the contest.

With a script courtesy of Ferrell and Andrew Steele, and outfits that look like they've been dug out of a Party City, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga looks like an appropriately ridiculous and silly homage to the international contest, which was canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Who knows if this will fill that void, but Ferrell returning to the comedic competition film (which he's well-versed in with films like Blades of GloryTalladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and Semi-Pro) and McAdams getting the chance to stretch her comedy chops again after delighting in Game Night, it at least looks like a fun show. Netflix seems to be leaning into the performances too, releasing the Fire Saga music video long before the trailer hit.

In addition to Ferrell and McAdams, Eurovision also features Pierce Brosnan as "Erick Erickssong, Lars' father and the most handsome man in Iceland"; Dan Stevens as "Alexander Lemtov, a Russian contestant in the Eurovision song contest"; and Demi Lovato as "Katiana, one of the best and most angelic singers in all of Iceland." Longtime Ferrell collaborator Adam McKay is also on board as executive producer.

Here is the synopsis for Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga:

When aspiring musicians Lars (Will Ferrell) and Sigrit (Rachel McAdams) are given the opportunity of a lifetime to represent their country at the world's biggest song competition, they finally have a chance to prove that any dream is a dream worth fighting for.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga premieres on June 26, 2020.