Cool Stuff: Mattel's 'Jurassic Park' Amber Collection Adds Dennis Nedry And A Dilophosaurus

There have always been action figures and playsets tied to the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchises. While the dinosaurs and vehicles have always been the best parts of the toylines for both of the franchises, the action figures of the human characters have left something to be desire. Mattel has started to change that over the past year with the Jurassic Park Amber Collection, a new line of 6-inch scale action figures and dinosaurs inspired by Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. And they've just added a dilophosaurus and his meal in the form of park saboteur Dennis Nedry.

Jurassic Park Amber Collection Action Figures - Dennis Nedry

Wayne Knight plays Jurassic Park employee Dennis Nedry, who decides to take an easy payday by stealing dinosaur embryos from the cold storage supplies in order to help a competing genetics company create their own dinosaurs. While trying to make his escape off Isla Nublar in the middle of a tropical storm, he not only loses the makeshift embryo container inside a faux shaving cream can, but he ends up meeting his demise.

The Dennis Nedry action figure comes with swap out hands, interchangeable heads (one with venomous spit splattered on his face that looks more like smeared crap), the Barbasol shaving cream can with the embryos inside, and an action figure stand. Honestly, I think the action figure could be fatter, but it's much better than the original Dennis Nedry action figure.

Jurassic Park Amber Collection Action Figures - Dilophosaurus

Speaking of the demise of Dennis Nedry, there's also a dilophosaurus figure scaled to the 6-inch human characters. The dinosaur comes with a poison spit effect, the East Dock sign, two different neck pieces (one flared, and one closed), and a figure stand.

These aren't the first figures that have come out in the Jurassic Park Amber Collection. The toyline kicked off last year with Jeff Goldblum and Ian Malcolm and Chris Pratt as Owen Grady, as well as three raptors, the original velociraptor along with Blue and Charlie. You can find those at Amazon right now. Meanwhile, Dennis Nedry and the dilophosaurus will be released in July, and you can pre-order right now at Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth.