'Twister' Honest Trailer: Welcome To The Exciting World Of Wind Science

As if there wasn't enough to worry about right now, don't forget that it's tornado season. And since there aren't any new blockbusters hitting theaters, there's no better time to take a look at Twister, one of the biggest hits of 1996.

Tornadoes are destructive cyclones that can tear apart entire buildings, but before they form, there's just some regular old weather in the sky, doppler radars to check, and wind to stare at. Seriously, how did Twister make storm chasing so exciting? It seems by having a ragtag ensemble cast and a lot of weather jargon. The Twister Honest Trailer breaks it all down below.

Twister Honest Trailer

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that fact that Twister made storm chasing look so fun that a small group of elementary school kids in northwest Indiana learned everything they could about tornadoes and aspired to be one of the crazies chasing after them. How do I know that? Because one of those little nerds was me. Of course, Jurassic Park also made me want to be a paleontologist, and Apollo 13 made me want to be an astronaut. But here I am, writing about movies like a dork.

Don't forget that Twister was recently named in our ongoing column The Quarantine Stream, and it's available now to watch on Netflix. It's the most fun to watch in a theater, but since you can't do that, maybe you can create a makeshift outdoor movie night with a projector and a sheet. Make a double feature out of it and watch The Shining too. You won't regret it.