VOTD: 'Star Wars' Enters "The Danger Zone" With Some Help From 'Top Gun'

Star Wars trailer mash-ups are a dime a dozen, but sometimes a special one comes along that reminds you how much fun the internet can be. In this case, we have a montage of epic space battle footage prominently featuring the X-wing starfighter that the Rebel Alliance and the Resistance used so frequently, and it's all set to Kenny Loggins' 1986 rock classic "Danger Zone" from the adrenaline-fueled, high-flying hit Top Gun. It'll get you amped up about Star Wars all over again.

Star Wars Meets Top Gun in The Danger Zone

From the fleet of X-wings and other Rebel/Resistance ships soaring through space and across lakes together to the high-speed dog fights above the forest moon of Endor and the tropical planet of Scarif, this energetic edit uses footage from the original trilogy, the new trilogy, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In fact, editor Jonathan McKay said he specifically waited for The Rise of Skywalker to be released on home video so he could utilize as much X-wing footage as possible.

On top of the flying footage of starships blasting through space and skies, it's the footage of the pilots on the ground, tossing helmets to each other, running to get in ships, and getting ready for battle that really makes this feel like a Star Wars movie in the style of Top Gun. Come to think of it, that would be a great idea for a future movie, even if Star Wars Resistance did give us a taste of that with all the flying that was done in that animated series. Maybe Star Wars will take us into the Danger Zone in the future.