The Quarantine Stream: 'Eamon & Bec' Inspires Us With Minimalistic, Adventurous Living

(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they've been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.)The Series: Eamon & BecWhere You Can Stream It: YouTubeThe Pitch: A Canadian couple self-converted a sprinter van into a mobile tiny home and are traveling the world (that's right – the world), all while vlogging their adventures. I didn't think that was possible in a van, but they have been able to cover multiple continents. This couple has been able to dream big and inspire many to live a digital nomad life.Why It's Essential Quarantine Viewing: I recently discovered Eamon and Bec when searching for a new channel to watch on YouTube and have been quickly binging our way through their back catalog of adventures. What first drew my girlfriend Kitra and me to this channel was the insane idea of giving up a normal life and living out of a van to travel the world. There are other travel vloggers we follow (like The Endless Adventure) who are without a proper home, living from one Airbnb to the next. But it's one thing to live out of a suitcase in larger amenities that resemble a normal life and another thing altogether to travel the world in a 60 square foot tiny home.

Part of the appeal here is minimalism. What amenities would you require? What can you cram into such a small space? And what would you be forced to give up? It's interesting to watch Eamon and Bec make these decisions. For instance, the first version of their van had no bathroom and they lived like that for a year. Can you imagine?

The Splinter Van concept might be what drew us to Eamon and Bec, but this couple's chemistry and positivity is what kept us watching. It's fun to adventure around the world with them from the comfort of our quarantine couch, watching how Eamon and Bec respond to various situations that they encounter. At one point, thieves break into their van and steal the majority of their equipment, including their cellphones. In another series, they foster a Mexican puppy for a month — puppies are a handful already, so imagine throwing the challenge of a tiny home into the mix.

Eamon and Bec are Vegan and being a carnivore myself, I thought that it would be a real turnoff not being able to watch this couple partake in the wider range of local delicacies on these travels. But honestly, it's been really interesting to see how they make do with a limited diet in some strange secluded places. Also, Eamon is quite the cook (the couple has a published cookbook), so watching him create delicious-looking vegan dishes in a kitchen much smaller than my shower is inspiring. I'm even tempted to try to make some of the meals on my own.

And lastly, I love the production value that this couple brings to their adventures. From drone shots to slow-mo b-roll to the meticulously framed locked off wide shots, it's really inspiring the work I do over at Ordinary Adventures. While we are currently stuck doing home vlogs, I can't wait to get back out into the world and aim bigger with our cinematography. I'm even considering getting a drone. I'd love to say that Eamon and Bec have inspired us to someday hit the road in our own tiny house, but I don't see that ever happening with our two dogs and all our possessions. We'll just have to continue living vicariously through them and their adventures.