'Tiger King' Honest Trailer: It's Like The Coen Brothers And Christopher Guest Had A Redneck Baby

If you haven't heard about Netflix's totally bonkers true crime documentary series Tiger King by now, then you must have been in a coma. It's a trashy television sensation telling the story of some of the craziest people you will ever meet, their exploits in breeding and "caring" for large exotic cats and other unlikely pets, and of course, murder and intrigue. As the Tiger King Honest Trailer perfectly puts it, this is the baby of The Coen Brothers, Christopher Guest and a snuff film.

Tiger King Honest Trailer

It's crazy that all of these exotic animal owners each had their own insane backstory. But I guess you have to be more than a little mad to think you can care for dozens of tigers and lions, not to mention the likes of cheetahs, jaguars, monkeys, lemurs, and more. Plus, they all seem to have plenty of love to give since more of them are polygamists with multiple lovers.

Tiger King has become a streaming sensation while we're all stuck at home, but you have to wonder if people would have cared as much if they were stuck at home with all the time in the world to watch it. Would the word of mouth have spread so quickly if we weren't dealing with a pandemic right now? We'll never really know.

Unfortunately, even though Tiger King is a huge hit, the insanity and trashiness of it all seems to be overshadowing the fact that there are hundreds of animals being held in poor facilities, mistreated and cared for poorly by people who just own them as some sort of weird status symbol and money-making scheme. After you laugh at all these weirdos and their perplexing, baffling exploits, what abot all the animals that have to endure their arrogance, ignorance and more than questionable behavior? Maybe we're all dealing with too much right now to adequately process it.