Cool Stuff: Celebrate Pixar With Hallmark's 2020 Christmas Ornaments For 'Onward', 'Inside Out' & More

Whenever Hallmark releases their line-up of ornaments for the new year, there are a plethora of them inspired by the movies of Pixar Animation. This year is no exception as the ornaments include characters from Inside Out, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles 2, WALL-E, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and one of the recurring Easter eggs from all of Pixars movies. Check out the new assembly of 2020 Pixar Hallmark Christmas ornaments below.

2020 Pixar Hallmark Christmas Ornaments

Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear and Woody are one of Disney's most beloved on-screen duos. They've been immortalized in countless pieces of merchandise, and they've been given several commemorative ornaments over the years. This year they're getting another ornament that features them just being best buddies. It could be from any of the Toy Story movies, but this one is specifically for the 25th anniversary of the original film from 1995.

Also joining the Hallmark Keepsaek ornament line-up from the first Toy Story movie is the instantly recognizable Pizza Planet delivery truck. You can spot it in every single Pixar movie, though not always in this exact style. Now you can hide it as an Easter egg on your Christmas tree for all your friends to find.

Buzz and Woody arrive on October 3, but the Pizza Planet truck arrives earlier on July 11.


There have been a few different WALL-E ornaments released over the years, but this is the first one that soaks up the power of the sun to make sure he's at maximum power. Unfortunately, it's not really solar powered, and it doesn't make the Apple boot-up sound that he does in the movie, but it's still a wonderful ornament. WALL-E feels the sun starting on July 11.

Inside Out

So far Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong have been give the Hallmark ornament treatment, but the rest of the emotions from Inside Out haven't been so lucky. But this year Anger joins the gang with a flaming hot head, and he even lights up to make the fire glow. Let the anger rage starting on July 11.


Pixar's latest movie didn't get much time to ruminate in theaters, but you can find it available to stream on Disney+ right now instead. Thankfully, the movie will be added to the Christmas festivities this year with the elf teen Ian Lightfoot getting his own ornament. He's holding his father's wizard staff and casting a spell, but sadly the Phoenix Gem doesn't light up. Hopefully Ian's brother Barley will be getting an ornament at some point too. It will be available starting October 3.

Finding Nemo

The fish cast of Finding Nemo have been all over Christmas trees for years, but the cool sea turtles haven't been so prominent. Thankfully, the radical Crush can start chilling on your tree later this year, and he won't even need to ride a current to get there. Snap the turtle up starting on October 3.

The Incredibles 2

Creating a bit of chaos in your Christmas tree this year will be The Incredibles youngest family member Jack-Jack, getting into quite the kerfuffle with a raccoon. I suppose it's better than an actual raccoon being in your tree, which isn't out of the realm of possibility if you're getting a real pine this year. Get Jack-Jack and the raccoon starting on October 3.

Monsters Inc.

Finally, the adorable Boo from Monsters Inc. will bring some cuteness to your Christmas, and she's got her little stuffed monster toy with her too. Boo was already released in her monster costume form with Sully, but now she's just being her cute self here. You can pick up Boo starting on July 11.