What Happened This Week On 'Westworld' Season 3: "Decoherence"

There are only two more episodes of Westworld season 3 left after this ep, and honestly...I'm ready to pull the plug. I won't, of course – I'll still be reviewing the final two episodes. But after this latest adventure into Westworld, "Decoherence", I can confidently say that Westworld season 3 is a wash. In fact, I might even argue that the much-derided season 2 is better than what's on display this year. In short, it might be time for Westworld to go offline, permanently. But first, let's take a look at what happened this week on Westworld season 3.

Serac Gains Control

Serac blows into town and takes full control of Delos, acting like a dictator in the process. He even kills off a board member who would've gotten in his way. And on top of all that, he's figured out that Charlotte Hale isn't really Charlotte Hale, but a host with Dolores' copied robot brain in her head. "Charlotte" goes about trying to get the upper hand, and seemingly kills off the rest of the board in an attempt to kill Serac. It doesn't work out well – Serac gets away, and Charlotte has to turn on the giant riot control robot to help her escape the building.

Maeve Goes Back To Warworld 

For no good reason, Maeve is back in Warworld, and engaged in a big, dumb, pointless fight. Why? Because this series needs to inject some action scenes to keep you awake. After her big ass-kicking moment, Maeve reunites with Lee Fucking Sizemore, the worst character on this show who refuses to go away. Hector comes along, too. And within the simulation of Warworld, Maeve interrogates a simulation version of Dolores. Why? To learn her psychology, I guess? It's really needless, and feels like it's here to pad things out. While all of this is happening, Serac is attempting to build new robot bodies for Hector and Maeve, but Charlotte discovers this and promptly crushes Hector's pearl – killing him for good. R.I.P., Hector.

Maeve Gets a New Body

While Hector dies before he can be recreated, Maeve is able to be born again. But the episode ends before she can do anything. Guess we'll have to wait for the next episode. In any case, she has a new grudge against Dolores, since it was Dolores – as Charlotte – who killed Hector.

William Talks to Himself

A large chunk of this episode is devoted to William, aka the Man in Black, in an insane asylum. He's forced to undergo body-horror-like experiments, and at one point is put into a hallucinatory state where he encounters various versions of himself, including his younger self from season one, and even himself as a child. It's a long, drawn-out sequence, but it does allow Ed Harris to sink his teeth into some moments – especially one where he literally beats himself (in Jimmy Simpson form) to death. But of course, this is all in his head, and when he finally wakes back up, he's rescued by...Bernard and Stubbs! Sure! Whatever!

The World is in Chaos 

Dolores' upload of the INCITE data has plunged the world into anarchy, with riots, suicides, and more happening all over the place. It isn't pretty.

Charlotte Goes Boom

After getting away from the Delos building, Charlotte reunites with her family and attempts to get them to safety, but it doesn't work out so well. Her car explodes, and her ex-husband Jake and son Nathan are both killed. Charlotte survives, albeit very badly burned, and also probably very angry. Serac is obviously the person who had the car blown up, and it's safe to assume that charred Charlotte is going to want some sort of revenge.