'Jurassic Park' Watch Party Planned For April 23 With Co-Star Joseph Mazzello

Every day is a new challenge to find something to occupy our time while we continue to self-quarantine. But thankfully, filmmakers and their casts have stepped up with plenty of watch party options for us to partake in at home. Another one will arrive next week for one of the greatest movies ever made.

Jurassic Park, the modern classic directed by Steven Spielberg, will be the focus of a watch party hosted by Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, IGN and Cinefix. But this won't just gather a bunch of fans to talk about the movie, because Jurassic Park co-star Joseph Mazzello, who played young dinosaur enthusiast Tim Murphy, grandson of John Hammond, will be partaking in the watch party to provide commentary and behind the scenes details from his time spent making the movie.

Starting on Thursday, April 23 at 8:00 P.M. EST/5:00 P.M. PST on both IGN and Cinefix YouTube channels, fans can tune in to have host Clint Gage and a rotating group of IGN staff provide commentary to Jurassic Park along with Joseph Mazzello. You'll have to rent the movie yourself, if for some reason you don't own it already, and then you'll be good to go. Fans will be able to participate themselves on IGN's new Discord server or by posting on Twitter with the hashtags #JurassicPark and #WFHTheater.

Since starring in Jurassic Park as a kid, Joseph Mazzello has gone on to star in HBO's miniseries The Pacific, The Social Network, and Bohemian Rhapsody. Here's what Mazzello had to say about offering a distraction during

"While we all continue to sit tight and wait for these scary and uncertain times to eventually be behind us, my favorite way to escape the worry and pass the time has been by watching classic films, and in my completely unbiased opinion, Jurassic Park is one of the all-time greats. I can't wait to join together with other fans to celebrate this iconic film and share the stories, insight, and fond and funny memories I collected while playing Tim Murphy. It's gonna be a blast!"

There will also be giveaways throughout the live watch party, including digital codes for the film (which would be nice before the live watch party) as well as mystery prizes from Mattel, presumably some Jurassic Park/Jurassic World toys and whatnot.

If you're an Xfinity Flex subscriber, you can actually catch Jurassic Park through the new streaming service Peacock, available now through your cable subscription. Otherwise, here's where you can rent Jurassic Park so you're ready for the live watch:

  • Amazon Prime ($3.99 HD rental)
  • Fandango Now ($3.99 4K UHD rental, $3.99 HD rental)
  • Google Play ($3.99 4K rental)
  • iTunes ($3.99 rental)
  • Vudu ($3.99 rental)