The Making Of 'Beeltejuice' Is Coming In 'Documentary For The Recently Deceased'

Tim Burton's horror comedy Beetlejuice is undoubtedly one of his best efforts. It's when the filmmaker was firing on all cylinders and at the top of his game. After 32 years, you might think there's nothing left to learn about the movie starring Michael Keaton as the ghost with the most, but French filmmaker Fred China, producer/1980s fanatic Adam F. Goldberg (creator of The Goldbergs), and producer Lee Leshen (Back in Time, Ghostheads) have a whole movie to prove you wrong.Documentary for the Recently Deceased is a forthcoming project about the making of Beetlejuice that will dive deep into the production of the film, from shooting in the small town of East Corinth, Vermont to crafting intricate stop-motion animated creatures and effects. The good news is you don't have to wait for a sneak peek, because there's already a trailer to tease the story behind the beloved pop culture cornerstone.

Beetlejuice Documentary Trailer

io9 called our attention to Documentary for the Recently Deceased, which producer Lee Leshen described to them like this:

"The doc will cover all the aspects of the Beetlejuice production: from the filming in East Corinth, Vermont, to the stop motion and special effects work, and will include a series of exclusive interviews with cast and crew, as well as rare behind the scenes footage acquired by the production."

Though interviews with the cast and crew are touted, it doesn't appear as if Tim Burton could be wrangled in to look back at the film. It also remains to be seen if other primary cast members like Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin could be rustled up. The movie is currently in post-production, so there might still be time to make that happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're not keen on digging into the movie yet again. Surely they've covered their Beetlejuice days extensively in the 32 years since the movie was released.

Honestly, based on the trailer above, it doesn't sound like there are many exciting stories to tell from the making of Beetlejuice. There might be interesting details about how certain make-up tricks and special effects were pulled off, but based on this trailer, it doesn't play in a way that sounds all that compelling. Most of it feels like you're hearing a story from your grandparents about how there was a movie that rolled into town one time. That doesn't mean this movie should be completely disregarded, but so far, the only thing compelling about it is that the subject is Beetlejuice. Hopefully there's more engaging material in the full movie.

Documentary for the Recently Deceased doesn't yet have an official release date.