Alamo Drafthouse Expands Virtual Cinema To Bring Terror Tuesday And Weird Wednesday Into Your Home

Alamo Drafthouse recently announced a new Virtual Cinema initiative that will allow indie distributors like Kino Lorber, Film Movement, and Magnolia Pictures to let independently owned movie theaters screen films digitally to viewers. But now they're also using the new Alamo-at-Home banner to keep some of their longest-running genre programming alive.

In conjunction with the American Genre Film Archive, the Alamo Drafthouse is bringing their signature Terror Tuesday and Weird Wednesday programming line-up to the Virtual Cinema space. Just like real Alamo Drafthouse screenings, the online screening experience will include pre-show content, introductions, and discussions conducted on Alamo Drafthouse's website, BirthMoviesDeath. That sounds like a fun way to pass the time during this fresh new hell we're living in.

Terror Tuesday will kick off with Centipede Horror, a Hong Kong horror classic from 1982 directed by Keith Li.

Centipede Horror was never officially released on home video in the United States, so this will be a real treat for genre fans. The film will be presented as a 2K preservation created from the only 35mm print of the film in existence.

If you want to watch Centipede Horror, you can pre-order a digital ticket online right now for $7.75. The screening will be live starting at 8:00 P.M. ET/7:00 P.M. CT/5:00 P.m. PT on Tuesday, March 31.

Meanwhile, Weird Wednesday will debut on Virtual cinema with a 4K restoration of Godmonster of Indian Flats. The old school monster movie follows an eight-foot-tall toxic sheep monster that blows up gas stations, smashes crooked politicians, and terrorizes stoners. Yep, just another Wednesday for the Alamo Drafthouse. That screening is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, April 8.

Sarah Pitre, Senior Director of Programming and Promotions, said in a statement:

"Terror Tuesday and Weird Wednesday aren't just film series- they're communities, and even though our theater doors are currently closed, it's vital that we continue to foster these communities, because they are truly the heart of the Alamo Drafthouse."

Alamo-at-Home's Virtual Cinema will alternate between Terror Tuesday and Weird Wednesday each week for the foreseeable future. So stay tuned to the Alamo Drafthouse on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more details on upcoming screenings.

As for the rest of the Virtual Cinema offerings, stay tuned to the Alamo Drafthouse's latest updates on their news feed. There are already a handful of indie titles available to watch right now. As Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League said in a statement:

"Our theaters are currently closed, but that doesn't have to mean our communities have to remain shuttered as well. We intend to hunker down, weather this storm and reemerge on the other side. Until then, we'll continue to work to share the movies we love with this community, and find ways to support each other."