'Cinelinx' Offering Free Print-And-Play Version Of The Movie-Connecting Card Game

Have you heard of the movie-connection card game Cinelinx? We featured it back in 2014 when it was just trying to get funding through Kickstarter, but it's ben a full fledged card game complete with expansion packs for years. Now that you find yourself stuck at home with fewer things to keep you occupied everyday, maybe you'd like to give it a shot. Unfortunately, it might be difficult to get certain things shipped right now due to the coronavirus outbreak. But the creators of Cinelinx have you covered.

The official Cinelinx website is offering a free print-and-play version of the game, just like Cards Against Humanity does, so you can start making movie connections with your friends as soon as possible. Don't worry if you haven't played before. You can find out everything you need to know about Cinelinx below.

Free Cinelinx Print-and-Play Version

The print-any-play version of the game gives you 180 cards featuring actors, directors, movie titles, quotes and genres. The object of the game, which is like dominoes for movies buffs, is to use the cards in your hand to connect to the cards on the table. For example, if The Terminator is on the table, you could throw out Arnold Schwarzenegger or James Cameron. Then the next person could throw down a card that connects to any of those cards. The printable version comes with a rule book to clear up any confusion there might be.

Head over to the Cinelinx store to have a free download sent to your e-mail which will allow you to print the cards.