'Portrait Of A Lady On Fire' Streaming On Hulu Tonight At Midnight PST

Surprise! Portrait of a Lady on Fire will be streaming on Hulu tonight. The critically acclaimed historical drama/lesbian romance film from Céline Sciamma will drop onto the streaming service at midnight PST, so let's all agree to stay up very late and watch it together. Noémie Merlant and Adèle Haenel star in the story of an artist and her reluctant subject.

The general news has been so dire lately that we'll take all the good surprises we can get. Like this: you can find Portrait of a Lady on Fire streaming on Hulu tonight at midnight PST. It's one of the best films of last year, and if you haven't had a chance to catch it at a local arthouse cinema, this is your next best opportunity.

Set in France in 1770, the French-language film follows Marianne, a painter who is "commissioned to paint the wedding portrait of Héloïse, a young woman who has just left the convent. Because she is a reluctant bride-to-be, Marianne arrives under the guise of companionship, observing Héloïse by day and secretly painting her by firelight at night. As the two women orbit one another, intimacy and attraction grow as they share Héloïse's first moments of freedom. Héloïse's portrait soon becomes a collaborative act of and testament to their love."

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is every bit as good, and gorgeous, as you've heard. Believe the hype – you're going to want to check this one out. Céline Sciamma movie won the Best Screenplay award at last year's Cannes Film Festival, and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Foreign Language Film, nominated by the Hollywood Critics Association for Best Foreign Language Film and was awarded Best Cinematography by the New York Film Critics.

The movie landed on several /Film staff members' Best Films of 2019 list, and our own Ben Pearson even included it as one of the Best Films of the Decade. That may sound like we're over-hyping this thing – but I promise, we're not.