'Predator: Hunting Grounds' Video Game Trailers Show Off Two Sides Of A Bloody Battle

Since everyone is staying home to self-quarantine during the spread of coronavirus, video games have seen a significant increase in use as people turn to other forms of entertainment beyond streaming movies and TV at home. And if you're a Predator fan, you're about to have a fun weekend with a sneak preview of the upcoming multiplayer video game based on the classic film starring Arnold Schwarzegger and one ugly motherf***er.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an upcoming shooter video game where players are either part of an elite team of soldiers trying to complete a mission or a Predator trying to hunt them down. Each side has unique weapons helping them in the battle. Two new Predator: Hunting Grounds trailers have just been released, showcasing each side of the battle that will undoubtedly make the jungle a little bloodier when all is said and done.

Predator: Hunting Grounds Trailer - Fireteam

Here's what's in store for players if they end up on the fireteam:

Be a member of a Fireteam of elite paramilitary soldiers, the best there is. Complete challenging missions at all costs and come back home alive. No matter what the mission, be smart, work together and "get to the chopper!". Be warned. Something is hunting you.

Not unlike Call of Duty and other shooters, the game features different classes and weapon loadouts that players can choose in order to more effectively complete missions against heavily armed forces in the jungles of South America. You'll be tasked with missions like taking down drug lords or shutting down links to local bases. It's not remarkably different from any other military game you've played before, except for one thing...

Predator: Hunting Grounds Trailer - Predator

The Predator's mission is clear: The Hunt. Study the warriors in the jungle and choose the best of the best to engage. Dispatch your targets and collect trophies to display as tokens of each hunt. Do not let your prey escape. Failure is not an option.

Even though the odds are much greater that you'll be playing a member of the fireteam in Predator: Hunting Grounds, everyone will want to be the Predator. When controlling the Predator, your task will be to take out the fireteam and prevent them from completing their mission.

As the Predator, you'll be equipped with weapons like a plasma caster, wrist blades, and a combistick. Plus, you'll be able to unlock more deadly weapons such as the smart disc with a guidance system you control to take down multiple enemies in one shot, and the Yautja bow and arrow. Oh, and you wouldn't be the Predator without the ability to move stealthily and camouflage yourself with a cloaking device

If you're interesting in checking out Predator: Hunting Grounds, there's a trial weekend sneak preview taking place from March 27 through March 29 from the PlayStation 4 store and Epic Games Store. Otherwise, the full Predator: Hunting Grounds video game will be released on April 24, 2020.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an immersive asymmetrical shooter set in remote areas, where the Predator stalks the most challenging prey. Play as a member of an elite Fireteam and complete paramilitary operations before the Predator finds you. Or, play as the Predator to hunt the most worthy prey, choosing from your vast array of deadly alien tech to collect your trophies, one by one.