Read The Alternate 'Zombieland' Cameo Scene That Would Have Featured Joe Pesci

So far we've gotten to read several of the alternate cameos that were pitched for Zombieland before Bill Murray came aboard the project and gave us one of the best cameos in movie history. There was Patrick Swayze in the very first draft of the movie, which unfortunately never got offered to the actor before he was diagnosed with cancer. Then Sylvester Stallone had to pass due to scheduling, and Mark Hamill's people just flat out said no (read those pages here). Now we've come to one of the Goodfellas.

Joe Pesci was offered the big cameo in Zombieland. When the offer came through to his agent, co-writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese explained that it was "a small part." That's when Joe Pesci's agent put a Hollywood spin on a common phrase in the industry by saying, "There are no small parts, only small money." Apparently this part came with small money, so Joe Pesci passed. But now we get to read how the scene would have played out.

Joe Pesci Zombieland Cameo

Here are the Zombieland script pages with Joe Pesci's cameo, as released on Twitter by co-writer Rhett Reese:

Alternate Zombieland Cameos - Joe Pesci

The pages for what would have been Joe Pesci's cameo in Zombieland again echo the style of Patrick Swayze's original cameo, but there are merely references to Joe Pesci's movies instead. The one big change comes in Tallahassee's love for Pesci never waning in any capacity. In all the other versions of this scene, Tallahassee had a reason to lose his respect and love for Swazye, Stallone and Mark Hamill. But there's none of that with Joe Pesci. Also, this draft represents the first time that the movie still in the DVD player is actually one of the actor's bad movies: Gone Fishin'

Instead, what we do get, and I'm a little disappointed we didn't get to see, is Woody Harrelson doing a Joe Pesci impression several times, including when he takes the baseball bat from Casino to Joe Pesci's chin. That would have been something to see, even if it's still nowhere near as good as what we got with Bill Murray.

Other alternate Zombieland cameos that we're still waiting to see include Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Bacon,  Jean-Claude Van Damme, Matthew McConnaughey and more, so stay tuned.