Cool Stuff: New LEGO 'Star Wars' Sets Piece Together Boba Fett, Stormtrooper And TIE Fighter Pilot Helmets

If you're tired of building the ships, planets and locations from the Star Wars universe with LEGO bricks, maybe you'd like to piece together some of the most recognizable helmets. That's what LEGO is hoping since they're releasing a new line of buildable helmets of the bounty hunter Boba Fett, as well as the Imperial Stormtrooper and TIE Fighter Pilot. Check out the LEGO Star Wars helmets below.

LEGO Star Wars Helmets

LEGO Star Wars Helmets - Boba Fett

  • LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Buildable Model Helmet– pay tribute to the legendary bounty hunter by recreating the distinctive shape of the Mandalorian helmet with this awesome, 21cm tall brick-built display model.
  • LEGO Star Wars Helmets - Stormtrooper

  • LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Buildable Model Helmet– recreate the iconic look of a Stormtrooper with this striking 18cm tall model before displaying it as a tribute to the epic Galactic Empire ground force.
  • LEGO Star Wars Helmets - TIE Fighter Pilot

  • LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter Pilot Buildable Model Helmet –create the notorious contours of the TIE pilot helmet with LEGO bricks to complete this 18cm tall model and receive the glory of the Empire
  • The way these LEGO sets use existing LEGO pieces to create the details of these helmets is impressive, especially how they included that dent in Boba Fett's helmet. No new pieces were used to create these busts, and Jens Kronvold Frederiksen, LEGO Star Wars Design Director, confirmed as much:

    "The Star Wars galaxy continues to provide us with endless opportunities to bring scenes and characters from the movies to life using LEGO bricks. The new LEGO Star Wars Helmets provide a challenging building experience but only use existing LEGO pieces to recreate the iconic contours and colours of headgear, showing what is possible with the LEGO System in Play."

    Meanwhile, Derek Stothard, vice president of licensing at Lucasfilm said, "Helmets have been a staple in Star Wars iconography since the very beginning, helping to shape the designs of some of the most notable characters in the galaxy. So, it only made sense to immortalize those helmets in LEGO brick form. It's always fun to work with the LEGO Group to create new, engaging and mentally stimulating products for builders around the globe, and we're so excited to bring these LEGO Star Wars helmet building kits, and brand-new packaging, to our fans."

    All of the helmets are available for pre-order right now for $59.99 each and will arrive on April 19.