'Knives Out' Honest Trailer: Rian Johnson Combines A-Listers, A-Holes And A-Gatha Christie

Since Star Wars: The Last Jedi got a bunch of manbabies riled up about minority characters, female empowerment, and whiny entitled douchebros, writer/director Rian Johnson decided to take it one step further with Knives Out.

The whodunit in the vein of Agatha Christie isn't quite as much of a mystery as it would seem, mostly since we find out who the killer is roughly halfway through the movie. But of course, the plot at the center of Knives Out is a donut hole within a donut hole, so there's still something to be figured out by detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), even if he's not quite as good of a detective as he seems. But we'll let the Knives Out Honest Trailer take it from here.

Knives Out Honest Trailer

There haven't been this many entitled white people on screen since the last Wes Anderson movie. Like Star Wars fans, they all want things to go their way, but the family's patriarch has other plans, and it doesn't involve listening to any of them. Instead, it gives one woman all the money and power to do with as she pleases. Talk about a twist of the knife.

Surely that's not what Rian Johnson intended, but it's an amusing coincidence, especially considering all the unnecessary hate that the filmmaker received after Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Now Johnson is the one who is laughing, because Knives Out opened a few weeks before Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but it's somehow still playing on more screens and sits higher on the box office chart. Who wants to solve that mystery?