Taika Waititi And Jude Law May Collaborate On Hollywood Satire Series 'The Auteur' At Showtime

Writer/director Taika Waititi is coming off an Oscar win for Best Adapted Screenplay thanks to his sharp anti-hate, Nazi-centric satire Jojo Rabbit. Now there's a chance the filmmaker may be teaming with Jude Law for a new satirical project at Showtime called The Auteur, a series aimed right at the heart of Hollywood and its eccentric filmmakers.

The Hollywood Reporter has word on The Auteur comedy series being in the early stages of development at Showtime, so there's no guarantee this project comes together. Details are scant, but the series would take place in behind the scenes of Hollywood and follow Jude Law as the title character, presumably an auteur director doing his best to make a film. It's a canvas that is ripe for satire, especially in the hands of a filmmaker who is not only hilarious himself, but has experienced everything from the indie scene to blockbuster movies and the insanity of awards season.

Taika Waititi would write the series with Peter Warren (Ghost Team), and he would also direct at least one episode in the series, likely the pilot. Then Waititi would also be an executive producer along with Jude Law. The only problem is this show may not come together very soon, if at all. Waititi has to direct the upcoming Marvel Studios sequel Thor: Love & Thunder later this year, and Jude Law is meant to start shooting the next Fantastic Beasts sequel sometime soon as well. That might make scheduling difficult, but perhaps Showtime will be patient about getting the series together.

This idea sounds like the kind of project that could be a home run for Showtime. Pretty much everything that Taika Waititi has touched as a filmmaker, whether it's for film or television, has been met with critical acclaim and positive audience response along with it. Bring in Jude Law to take on a comedic role on top of that, and you've got something that already sounds worth watching, and we haven't even seen a single frame yet. Plus, if Taika Waititi can bring comedy to a story involving Hitler and Nazis, then we can't wait to see what he can do with Hollywood.