'Terminator: Dark Fate' Honest Trailer: Making 'Terminator 2' Pointless But Also Being Pretty Good

Terminator: Dark Fate is one of many new legacy-quels taking what you loved about the best installments of a franchise, ignoring the movies that were bad, and basically rebooting the whole series by doing it all over again. Unfortunately, audiences didn't really turn out to see this one in theaters, so we're not likely to see how the story would have continued. But at the very least, we have the Terminator: Dark Fate Honest Trailer to remind us that this movie makes the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day completely pointless. Even so, this is easily the best Terminator sequel since then.

Terminator: Dark Fate Honest Trailer

This Terminator has it all: a new goopy Terminator, a grizzled Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, senseless killing of law enforcement and border patrol, Mackenzie Davis a new time traveler trying to save the world that is half-human half-Terminator, Natalia Reyes a new Mexican female version of John Connor, and Arnold Schwarzenegger an old Terminator who sells drapes and married a human woman.

That might sound like a total shitshow, but somehow it works pretty well as The Force Awakens of the Terminator franchise, for better and for worse. However, the seams of this movie are a little more transparent as the new goopy Terminator seems to be pretty shitty at killing any of the main characters, mostly because he opts to shove or throw them instead of just shooting or stabbing them. Are we sure these guys are super intelligent robots?