'Brahms: The Boy II' Trailer: Brahms Was Never Just A Doll

In just under two weeks, Brahms: The Boy II brings back that creepy doll who ended up having a twisted secret in The Boy back in 2016. But perhaps there's more to Brahms than we know.

The final Brahms: The Boy II trailer has arrived online just in time for National Make a Friend Day. But you probably don't want a doll with strict rules to be your new friend, especially after you see the kind of trouble he seems to be causing for Katie Holmes. Watch it below.

Brahms: The Boy II Trailer

During this trailer, there's a creepy voiceover spoken by a kid, and it says:

Beware his story, one and all

Brahms was never just a doll.

To live again, he needs a friend.

His deadly rules will never end.

That would seem to imply that there's something evil in Brahms waiting to come out. Could Brahms have a long history of corrupting children and turning them into little psychopaths? Clearly the kid at the center of this movie, played by Christopher Convery, has gone off the rails since he's spotted wearing a mask that looks like Brahms face.

What I'm most interested in seeing is if there are any ties to the original movie beyond the doll itself. The twist ending of the original was a surprising one, and surely many are wondering what happened to the real Brahms and why this doll is just lying about the Heelshire Mansion grounds with no one to care for it. I'm sure we'll get our answer by the end of the movie.

William Brent Bell returns to direct Brahms: The Boy II, which is written by Stacey Menear and produced by Lakeshore Entertainment's Tom Rosenberg, Eric Reid, Gary Lucchesi, and Richard Wright in addition to Matt Berenson, Jim Wedaa and Roy Lee.

Unaware of the terrifying history of Heelshire Mansion, a young family moves into a guest house on the estate where their young son soon makes an unsettling new friend, an eerily life-like doll he calls Brahms.

Katie Holmes stars in STXfilms and Lakeshore Entertainment's Brahms: The Boy II, alongside Christopher Convery ("Gotham"), Owain Yeoman (The Belko Experience) and Ralph Ineson (The Witch).

Brahms: The Boy II arrives in theaters on February 21, 2020.