Cool Stuff: Every Inch Of 'Star Wars: A New Hope' Is Covered By Scott C. In New Mondo Poster

Attention, Star Wars fans! Pop culture artist Scott C. has delivered the ultimate print for everyone who was blown away by Star Wars: A New Hope. Whether it was all the way back in 1977 when you were thrust into a galaxy far, far away or at a pivotal time in your childhood, Star Wars means something to you. More often than not, original artwork paying tribute to the movie focuses in one one moment or an overall representation of Star Wars in the style of an illustrated theatrical poster. But this new Scott C. Star Wars poster from Mondo has done something much different, and it's just outstanding. See it below!

Scott C. Star Wars Print "Faraway Galaxy" from Mondo

Scott C. Star Wars Poster


24" x 36" Screenprinted Poster

TIMED EDITION – Available until 2/9 at 11:59 PM (CT)

Printed by DL Screenprinting

Expected to Ship in May 2020Ships Worldwide


Thank the maker that this is a timed edition, even if it does cost $100. But with as much detail that went into creating this print that spans the entire story of Star Wars: A New Hope, that price is pretty damn good, especially since it's much bigger than Scott C.'s usual Great Showdowns pieces.

Here's what Scott C. had to say about his latest big print paying tribute to Star Wars (via Mondo):

"Every square inch of that movie inspired who I am today and the paintings and stories I create.  Every character in that film meant something to me, even the characters passing by in the background. It is incredible to me that a film would make that much of an impression on people that fans collectively remember that there was a wolfman and a praying mantis in the bar. I have always wanted to create a painting that paid homage to every one of those characters. That is what this painting means to me.  I wanted to include every Cantina patron, every X Wing pilot and Jawa. The ships were all characters to me, so it was important that they were welcomed in the family. It became quite a party, this painting.  It is a place I have always wanted to live within.  It was a dream realized, my friends, and I invite you to join me in this world."

You can get the print starting today, February 6, at 12pm CT, and it's available until 11:50pm CT on February 9.