'Joker' Honest Trailer: A Mumblecore Riff On Martin Scorsese About The World's Saddest Clown

There' no denying that Joker took pop culture by storm. It made over $1 billion at the box office, and it got plenty of people worked up before the movie even came out, so much that it probably helped advertise the movie more than the actual marketing campaign ever could. That probably says more about our society than Joker actually does, but we'll let the Joker Honest Trailer do the riffing about this movie's obvious themes that were taken straight from Martin Scorsese's King of Comedy and Taxi Driver.

Joker Honest Trailer

Here's the thing about Joker. Even if it turned out to be nowhere near as worrisome as some members of the media made it out to be, it still doesn't bring anything fresh to the table as far as perspective is concerned. People lack compassion. The government is screwing over poor people. The rich don't care about the poor either, especially the ones who pretend to. Mental health problems are treated carelessly. Things are bad. But that's all Joker has to say really. It's "we live in a society" brought to life in a movie.

But even beyond all the political and social commentary, the Joker is a character who is made to b sympathetic because he's treated so poorly by society. He's beat up, forgotten, and shoved aside. But then he's also a psychopath. So are we to blame society for him turning out this way? Or is he mentally ill because of his mother's own mental disorder being passed down to him genetically? Would they have not killed people if they were treated better? Do the themes of Joker resonate if we don't feel sorry for a person who starts killing people, especially when that person isn't explicitly making a political statement with their violence? Are we supposed to be responsible for everyone who goes crazy and kills a bunch of people? Or is it the media that glorifies these people by putting the spotlight on this violence and inspires others to follow suit? Aren't we supposed to pay attention to people like this so we can stop it in the future? Do you see the problem here?