Cool Stuff: 'The Iron Giant' Kicks Off The Mondo Mecha Line Of Robot Collectibles

Last year marked the 20th anniversary of Brad Bird's magnificent animated adventure The Iron Giant. But Mondo is still celebrating this year with a new collectible version of the titular robot from space.

This year, Mondo is launching a new line of collectible figures called Mondo Mecha. They're roughly 12-inch tall, highly articulated robot figures, and The Iron Giant will be the first one out of the gate. Not to be confused with their big Iron Giant collectible figure from 2015, this one is a bit smaller and includes some more accessories. Check out The Iron Giant Mondo Mecha figure below.

The Iron Giant Mondo Mecha Figure

Here's the official description of the new figure from Mondo:

The first in our MONDO MECHA collection (a line of highly articulated robot figures), The Iron Giant features more articulation than any previous Iron Giant figure we've offered! He stands approx. 12.5? tall, with 35+ points of articulation, and a lot of interchangeable hands, heads, and accessories! Start your MONDO MECHA collection with one of the most beloved robots of all time!

Figure Includes:

– 4 interchangeable heads: Regular, Angry, Squinting, and Battle Mode

– Magnetic "S" that can be attached to the figure's chest

– 6 interchangeable pairs of hands

– Girder "meal"

– Interchangeable Battle Mode Arm

– Removable pair of teeth that can be used with all heads

The inclusion of the girder as a snack for The Iron Giant, as well as the chomping teeth to eat it, is wonderful. Plus, there's the battle mode head and weapon arm. But The Iron Giant isn't a gun; he's Superman. So he comes with magnetic "S" that can be attached to his chest.

That's the standard version of the The Iron Giant Mondo Mecha figure that will cost you $200. But if you want to get the exclusive version for $5 more, it'll come with Hogarth in a junked car accessory, and the interchangeable sad Iron Giant head.

The Iron Giant Mondo Mecha Figure

You can pre-order now and the figures are expected to ship in September 2020.