New 'Black Widow' Merchandise Includes LEGO, Funko POPs, Marvel Legends, NERF Roleplay & More

Black Widow doesn't arrive in theaters until May, but the merchandise tied to the movie will be coming a little sooner. Leading up to the release of the Marvel Studios movie that takes place between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, we'll see new items from LEGO, Funko, NERF, Hasbro's Marvel Legends and more. In fact, a few of the items give us some kind of hint at certain details about the movie. Check out some of the new Black Widow merchandise below.

Hasbro's Marvel Legends

These figures were release some time ago, but in case you missed it, we're highlighting them now. As has become customary with Marvel Legends waves, not all of the figures come from the Black Widow movie. But the line does include a new version of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Florence Pugh as her sister Yelena Belova, David Harbour as Red Guardian, and the villain Taskmaster. ToyArk has a better look at all of them.

Black Widow Deluxe Figure

Another addition to the Marvel Legends line of Black Widow figures will include this deluxe version of the assassin in her white suit. This one comes with a bunch of extra accessories, including gun blasts and explosions.

Black Widow Funko POPs

Here's the first wave of Funko POPs tied to Black Widow. Much like the Marvel Legends line, we get new versions of Black Widow, including her white suit. There's also severals versions of Taskmaster, including one that comes as a two-pack with yet another version of Natasha Romanoff.

Take note of the Black Widow in street clothes in the middle of the top row. She's holding some kind of red vial in her hand. Could those be Pym Particles? What possible role could those play in Black Widow? Maybe the vial is some kind of virus that Taskmaster wants to unleash on the world.

Black Widow LEGO Set

The first LEGO set released with ties to Black Widow involves some kind of helicopter chase with Natasha and Yelena taking on Taskmaster as he tries to make a getaway in his own helicopter. The most intriguing part of this LEGO set is that crate with what looks like silver bars. Could that be vibranium?

NERF Black Widow Arm Blaster

If your kids are into Black Widow roleplaying, then you can get them this NERF blaster modeled after Black Widow's wrist weapons. In the Marvel movies, she uses them to shock her enemies, but with this NERF blaster, you can shoot foam darts, which may not be as helpful in battle, but they'll make for some decent fun. It'll be $19.99 on store shelves and at Disney Parks shops.

Tasmkasker Stealth Slash Sword and Mask

For all the kids out there who dream of being villains, there's some roleplaying gear for you too. This Stealth Slash Sword allows kids to pull the sword from the shield itself. Plus, the shield turns into a gauntlet and opens up with the flip of a switch. However, if you want the mask to go along with it, you'll have to purchase that separately. The sword and shield costs $19.99 but the mask only costs $9.99.

Funnily enough, the description of Taskmaster's gear avoids using and pronouns that would give away the villain's identity. That means there could be a man or a woman under the mask, and it's probably a twist meant to be revealed in the movie.

Adidas Black Widow Sneakers

Finally, if you're looking to be as stealthy and nimble as Black Widow, then Adidas can help with some new sneakers inspired by the look of Black Widow, including the blue electricity of the projectiles she can shoot from her wrist. But they're a little pricey at $95.


If you want to see more Black Widow merchandise coming in the next few months, head over to Yahoo.