'Bad Boys' Stars Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Get Therapy And Buy Shoes While An Honest Trailer Flashes Back

Bad Boys for Life arrives in theaters this week, but before you see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence back in action, you can see them making the publicity rounds to promote the movie. In a little Bad Boys video round-up, we've got the dynamic duo attending a therapy session in character as Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett, their Hollywood alter egos going shopping for some sweet kicks, and a Bad Boys Honest Trailer taking us all the way back to the start.

Bad Boys in Therapy

In this little interlude created for MTV, Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett bicker back and forth as usual as they look back on their confrontations and problems and try to get a little "therapizing" thrown their way so they can sort all this out.

Sneaker Shopping with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

Next up, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence head out to do some sneaker shopping with Complex at Stadium Goods in New York City. The duo talk about setting trends on their respective sitcoms, getting famous enough to partake in some sneaker collaborations of their own, and the shoes they wear in Bad Boys for Life.

Bad Boys Honest Trailer

Finally, the Bad Boys Honest Trailer tackled both of the preceding Michael Bay films starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as they try to create a franchise that's essentially based on some lyrics from a reggae song. This will remind you all the ways this action franchise hasn't aged very well, and all the Michael Bay tropes that will hopefully be intact for Bad Boys for Life, even though he's not directing this time.