'Space Camp' Remake In The Works For Disney+ From 'Saturday Night Live' Writing Pair

Many children of the 1980s grew up wishing they could be astronauts thanks to the teen space adventure Space Camp. Now the movie could inspire a whole new generation of space travelers as Disney+ is currently developing a Space Camp remake, and they're surprisingly tapping Saturday Night Live for a pair of writers to tackle it.

The Hollywood Reporter has word on the Space Camp remake being in the works at Disney+.

If you didn't grow up watching Space Camp, the movie follows a group of teens attending an astronaut camp near Cape Canaveral in Florida. During camp, these teens are allowed to sit in a real space shuttle while a routine engine test is being conducted. But somehow, the group is accidentally launched into spaced, forcing them to overcome differences, solve problems that could mean life or death, and figure out how to bring the shuttle back to Earth. Here's the trailer:

The cast of Space Camp included young Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston, and Tate Donovan. It also marked the feature film debut of Joaquin Phoenix, who then went by the name Leaf Phoenix. So it'll be interesting to see who they get to star in this remake, or if they can get any of the original cast members to come back in cameos, perhaps as experienced astronauts now.

Space Camp is one of those movies that wasn't too successful at the box office, perhaps because it came out the summer after the headline-making disaster of the Challenger shuttle exploding. But it did find an audience on home video, and it's become a favorite of many children of the 1980s.

The streaming service has Saturday Night Live writing pair Mikey Day (who is also a regular cast member) and Streeter Seidell slated to script. That might seem surprising, but the duo is also slated to write the reboot of Home Alone in the works for Disney+, not to mention a new live-action version of Inspector Gadget. Also part of the production is Rampage and Horrible Bosses producer John Rickard.

This is just one of dozens of new projects in the works for Disney+, and we'll do our best to keep you updated on them.