'The Howling' Remake Headed To Netflix With 'It' Director Andy Muschietti

It director Andy Muschietti is ready to bark at the moon with a remake of The Howling. The filmmaker has previously expressed interest in remaking Joe Dante's 1981 werewolf pic, and not he says it's actually happening – at Netflix. The original followed a reporter (Dee Wallace) who heads to a mountain resort for some much needed R&R. Unfortunately, the resort is infested with werewolves.

According to The Hashtag Show, Andy Muschietti is making a Howling remake for Netflix. There's no actual quote from Muschietti, though, so we don't have the details – which immediately makes me suspicious about this sort of thing. I've reached out to both Netflix and Muschietti's publicist for confirmation and will update whenever they get back to me. I also reached out to Joe Dante, director of the original, and was told that the remake "looks official", but Dante has no involvement with it.

In July of 2019, during ScareDeigo at Comic-Con, Muschietti was asked what horror classic he would be interested in remaking and he expressed interest in The Howling, so this is definitely a project he's interested in. We just don't know the full details of when (and if) it's happening.

The original film, released in 1981, was based on Gary Bradner's novel of the same name. In the movie, "television journalist Karen White (Dee Wallace) is traumatized in the course of aiding the police in their arrest of a serial murderer. Her doctor recommends that she attend an isolated psychiatric retreat led by Dr. George Waggner (Patrick Macnee). But while Karen is undergoing therapy, her colleague Chris (Dennis Dugan), investigates the bizarre circumstances surrounding her shock. When his work leads him to suspect the supernatural, he begins to fear for Karen's life."

The Howling spawned several sequels, none of them very good: Howling II: Your Sister Is a WerewolfHowling IIIHowling IV: The Original Nightmare, Howling V: The RebirthHowling VI: The FreaksHowling: New Moon Rising, and The Howling: Reborn.