Check Out Stunning New 'Parasite' Art Released By The French And U.K. Distributors

Parasite has become an international phenomenon, with Bong Joon-ho's dark social thriller inspiring countless thoughtful essays, think-pieces, and yes, even art. The Cannes Palme D'Or winner recently celebrated its Golden Globe win for Foreign Language Film, and as we head deep into Oscar season, its international distributors are amping up the awards campaign with stunning new pieces of Parasite movie art. And like all Bong's films, there are surprising details hidden in every corner of these two art pieces.

Parasite Movie Art

In honor of Parasite's historic Golden Globe win — the first-ever Foreign Language Film win for a South Korean film — the film's French distributor The Jokers has released a new poster designed by Marie Bergeron, a Canadian illustrator. This poster is beautiful to look at, made of simple pastel colors — with a few bright flashes of green and red — but showing a complex ecosystem among two different houses stacked on top of each other: at the bottom, the Kim family's semi-basement home, on top, the Park family's beautiful modern house. It's an eye-catching way of depicting the unique vertical composition of Parasite, which makes literal the whole "upstairs-downstairs" class divide (Bong has called Parasite his "vertical" film, while Snowpiercer is his "horizontal" film).

The poster is not just for show either. The above poster is a collector's poster that will be available for purchase soon on The Jokers-Shop website, which launches on January 16.

Curzon Artificial Eye, the U.K. distributor that has been waging an impressive awards campaign for Parasite in the past couple months, won't be outdone by The Jokers. The distributor released a new piece of Parasite art designed by La Boca Design, boasting a more graphic novel-inspired style, but hiding a fun Easter egg underneath the table.

La Boca Design is a bit more abstract, looking like a cross between the optical illusion of the Penrose steps and the works of American cartoonist Chris Ware. But despite the simplicity of the image, there are ton of cheeky details hidden in this art piece, including a little statuette (it's an Oscar) under the table in the middle left grid.

Which piece of Parasite art do you like? Or are you more fond of previous posters released for Bong's incredible film?

Correction: The second Parasite art was release by U.K. distributor Curzon Artificial Eye, not U.S. distributor NEON.