Zack Snyder Admits His Cut Of 'Justice League' Is Not 100% Complete, But What Does That Mean?

Ever since Justice League was released in theaters, there has been an immense amount of curiosity about what the movie would have been like if director Zack Snyder was allowed to deliver his vision for the movie. As time has gone on, the question of whether or not The Snyder Cut of Justice League actually exists has been hotly debated. Even after Zack Snyder posted a photo of the actual canisters containing his apparently 214-minute cut of Justice League, some fans weren't convinced. And they're right.

Zack Snyder is still kicking around that social media service Vero, and he dropped what might be some disappointing news for anyone hoping to see The Snyder Cut of Justice League. Despite so much confidence from fans who are desperate to see it, Zack Snyder has confirmed that The Snyder Cut of Justice League is not 100% complete. But what exactly does that mean?

Here's Zack Snyder's comment in question regarding the completion of The Snyder Cut of Justice League:

The Snyder Cut of Justice League

However, as has become customary, every update from Zack Snyder just stirs the pot even more. In this case, there are those who believe Snyder is only saying there are little things he still wants to change, just as every filmmaker does, even when the a cut is complete. But others think that details like the visual effects and the score aren't finished either. But Zack Snyder responded to any concerns about that:

The "Tom" in question here is Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, who was supposed to deliver the score for Justice League before Danny Elfman was brought in to take care of the score for Joss Whedon's cut of the movie. So it sounds like the score is complete for The Snyder Cut.

As for the visual effects, it sounds like those may actually be finished as well:

In case there was some confusion about what question Zack Snyder was answering, here's some clarification:

So what does this all mean? Well, it seems to just be further proof that Zack Snyder has a finished cut of Justice League in some form. But at the end of the day, that doesn't matter unless there's some way for it to get released for hungry fans to see. Unfortunately, even after a major social media campaign that included stars of Justice League, Warner Bros. Pictures has said "no announcement of a release of any such cut is imminent." Of course, the launch of HBO Max in April could be the perfect way to give fans what they want, and that's not necessarily imminent. Stay tuned.