LOL: Conan O'Brien's Christmas Classics: The Triumph Family Christmas, Conan Becomes A Mall Santa & More

It's Christmas Day, and if you've opened up all your presents and you're still dealing with a house full of family, then you're probably in dire need of a good laugh. Thankfully, through this entire month, Conan O'Brien and the crew at Team Coco have been digging into the archives of Late Night with Conan O'Brien episodes. They've dug up some of Conan's best holiday material, and we've gathered a few of the best Christmas comedy he's offered over the years.

First up, Conan flashed back to some of the classic Christmas specials featuring stop-motion claymation, but this one is a little more horrifying. It's even scarier than some of the more terrifying monsters seen in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Conan classic Christmas without a little Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to ring in the holiday season. In this segment, Triumph gets his own family Christmas special, along with some not so cooperative canine friends. Triumph reads a story, mocks a Christmas concert, rounds up a football team, and shares a touching moment with Conan himself.

Conan is used to sitting behind a desk, but what he's not used to is sitting down and asking kids what they want for Christmas. But he gets a crash course in the gig by learning how to become a shopping mall Santa Claus. That includes getting fitted for a Santa suit, learning the rules of being the big man, and actually getting facetime with real kids.

Conan gets out from behind the desk yet again, this time to join some professional Christmas carolers as they try to spread some Christmas cheer. We're talking about the kind of carolers who wear old time clothes from Christmases of decades ago.

Finally, Conan has a tree lightning ceremony of his own with the help Nancy O'Dell. Except this isn't a traditional tree lighting ceremony, because instead they're ringing in the annual lighting of The Vigoda. That's none other than Abe Vigoda, the real symbol of Christmas.

For even more holiday laughs, be sure to check out the Team Coco YouTube channel.