Massive 27-Disc 'Star Wars' Box Set Of The Entire Skywalker Saga Is Coming In 2020

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker starts playing in theaters everywhere this evening with the first Thursday night previews starting tonight. But Disney and Lucasfilm area already ahead of the game and looking towards the home video release. Beyond giving the final chapter of the Skywalker saga its own debut on home video, it would appear the studio is planning to release a massive 27-disc Star Wars Skywalker saga Blu-ray box set in the spring of 2020. See it below.

Star Wars Skywalker Saga Box Set

Star Wars Skywalker Saga Box Set

The above image came from a listing that briefly showed up on Best Buy's Canadian website. You can see a screenshot of the actual listing over at IGN, who brought out attention to the item listing that has since been removed from the website.

Before the Star Wars Skywalker saga Blu-ray box set listing was taken down, it revealed that this would be a 27-disc set featuring only the nine movies that make up the three trilogies. The list price was $329.99 (which could be in Canadian dollars) with a release date of March 31, 2020. Both of those details could be subject to change, but considering that allows little over three months for the movie to be in theaters, that release date would make sense for The Rise of Skywalker to hit home video, both individually and in this box set.

Unfortunately, the promotional image from the website is all we have to go on for this item. It appears all the movies come housed in some kind of book-style case with the discs fitting into sleeves at the top. Each page looks to feature artwork from the movies, representing each chapter of the Skywalker saga. The box in which the book of discs fits looks rather uninspired. They couldn't get Drew Struzan or even Paul Shipper to create something incredible for this box set? At the very least they could have used artwork they already have in their archives to spruce this up a bit.

Furthermore, we're wondering exactly how there's 27-discs in this collection. The previous Star Wars saga collection with the original trilogy and prequel trilogy on Blu-ray only included 9 discs, one for each movie and three bonus discs. But with a 27-disc count, that allows for three discs per movie. And since the listing specifically said this was a nine-film collection, we know Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars Story aren't included. That would seem to indicate that this box set will have many more special features that weren't included in that box set. Or maybe, by some miracle, it will include the original theatrical versions of the original trilogy. Whether or not it will be enough to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a set of films that fans have bought several times before remains to be seen.

For now, we'll just have to wait for more official information on the Star Wars Skywalker saga Blu-ray box set.