Jack Black May Be Retiring From Acting Soon, But Not If Quentin Tarantino Calls

Jack Black can be seen hamming it up on the big screen yet again this weekend in Jumanji: The Next Level. As we've seen in the trailers, he's not just playing a video game avatar inhabited by a teenage girl again, but also the same video game avatar as played by a young black high school football star. Black has been a reliable goofball for years now, but it sounds like we might soon see the end of his tenure on the big screen. There's a chance the actor may only have one more movie left in him before calling it quits.

Speaking with Balance (via Uproxx), Jack Black may take a step back from entertainment into early retirement at 50 years old. Black told the outlet:

"I've been saying for a long time that 'This is the last movie.' We'll see. I can't really say what my next thing is because it's too early; it's a jinxer. I've got a couple of tricks up my sleeve. But not too many. I'm looking to wrap it up pretty soon. Ride off into the sunset."

That makes it sounds like there might be something in the works that Black would like to do, but it just hasn't solidified into a real project yet. Could he be waiting to tackle something big like a Marvel Studios movie? Black did recently say that he wouldn't mind the opportunity to play either the villainous Kingpin or the rocky superhero The Thing in Fantastic Four. But at the same time, it didn't sound like those were roles that he was actively pursuing or waiting for.

When it comes to the future, there's one thing Black knows he wants to do. "Well, I've got another Tenacious D record that I'd like to make," Black said. "Maybe one more movie. I'm kind of enjoying the idea of early retirement. Not so early. I'm 50."

The main reason Black is thinking about calling it quits is to spend more time with his wife and kids. But he doesn't sound so certain about being completely out of the entertainment business. Black added:

"Maybe I'll do a TV show here in town, so I can work the 9 to 5 and then get back home. We'll see. I'm not a big five-year plan kind of guy though. I don't really look down the road. I kind of take it day by day."

There's at least one filmmaker who would get Jack Black out of early retirement. The actor noted, "Obviously, if [Quentin] Tarantino comes a-knocking, I'm gonna do that movie."

Funnily enough, Tarantino recently talked about what the last phase of his career might entail, including what is supposed to be his 10th and final film as a director. Black says, "I'm gonna do that movie! I'm going to star in the final Quentin Tarantino movie and then I'll ride into the sunset. Me and Quentin, riding off! Quentin hasn't offered me the role yet, but I'm pretty sure it's coming." Maybe there's room for him in Kill Bill Vol. 3?

Goosebumps rap

Jack Black has enjoyed quite the eclectic career. After starting off with bit parts in the likes of Demolition Man and Waterwold, he fit into the role of character actor rather well with supporting turns in The Cable Guy, Mars Attacks!, Enemy of the State, The Jackal, High Fidelity, and Orange County. Then Shallow Hal and School of Rock showed that he had what it takes to be the leading man.

Once established as a movie star in his own right, King Kong took him in an entirely new direction while Saving Silverman, Be Kind Rewind and Tropic Thunder kept him grounded in his roots. Then Black got his own franchise in the form of Kung Fu Panda, but he also played around on the indie scene with Margot at the Wedding, Bernie and The D-Train. Recently, he's dabbled in family fare like Goosebumps and The House with a Clock in Its Walls, oddball indie stories like The Polka King or the drama of Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot with Joaquin Phoenix, and of course, his usual silly antics with the Jumanji franchise.

On top of all those movies and guest spots on TV shows like Drunk History, Community and The Office, he's been keeping his comedy rock duo Tenacious D going strong, even if their feature film adventure was somewhat disappointing (though still had some great moments). They released a new album and an animated series not too long ago, and he and Kyle Gass are still touring all the time.

If Jack Black retires, he really will be missed. Few comedy stars match his energy and agility when it comes to big screen laughs. But he also has some solid dramatic chops which make his comedy that much more infectious. Hopefully he can be convinced to stick around a little while longer. Don't let us down, Quentin Tarantino.