Cool Stuff: 'Happy Gilmore', 'Billy Madison', 'The Waterboy' And 'Big Daddy' Get Funko POPs

Funko has announced characters from Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Big Daddy and The Waterboy are all being turned into Funko POPs. They're some of Adam Sandler's best comedies and the best evidence we have that he used to be really funny on the big screen. And the good news is that the Sandman isn't the only one getting the Funko POP treatment. A few supporting characters from the movies will be joining him. Check out theĀ Billy Madison Funko POPs and all the rest below.

The Waterboy Funko POPs

First up, we have Adam Sandler's sports comedy The Waterboy opening up a can of whoop ass. There are two versions of Bobby Boucher you can pick up. The regular version has Bobby in his regular waterboy gear, complete with his water cooler backpack. But there's also a Target exclusive coming that has Bobby in his SCLSU Mud Dogs, holding his football helmet and a bucket.


Big Daddy Funko POPs

The Big Daddy Funko POP line-up is a little less impressive, but that's mostly because if they did a regular one of Adam Sandler's character Sonny, it would just be a generic Adam Sandler figure. So instead, they've made a figure of Sonny dressed as Scuba Sam, which, as we all know, is Scuba Steve's father. Honestly, I'm surprised there isn't a figure of Rob Schneider's delivery guy in this set.


Happy Gilmore Funko POPs

Here's where the Adam Sandler Funko POPs start getting much better, because Happy Gilmore comes with a solid roster of figures. First of all, there's your standard Happy Gilmore in his hockey jersey and holding a golf club. Then there's another Happy Gilmore with a different jersey that comes in a two-pack where he's fighting Bob Barker.

Sweetening the deal is two different versions of Chubbs (Carl Weathers), one of them being a chase variant with a mangled wooden hand. And then there's the hobo-turned-gold caddy Otto (Allen Covert), complete with his beer helmet.


Billy Madison Funko POPs

Finally, the Billy Madison Funko POPs are the best ones, in my opinion. Of course, we have a standard version of Billy Madison with a book in his hand. Then we also have Target exclusive where he's holding his sack lunch. But the best version of Billy Madison is the one where he's sitting in the bathtub debating whether or not shampoo or conditioner is better before telling that golden swan to stop looking at him. Whoever ensured that moment became a Funko POP deserves a raise.

Then we have Steve Buscemi as Billy's former classmate that got bullied and has a list of fellow classmates he hopes to take out one day. And miraculously, that damn penguin who keeps stalking Billy is included too. We wish Chris Farley got his own Funko POP, maybe with a POP Rides school bus, but these will do for now.


One could argue that there are simply too many Funko POP figures in the world. There are always new ones revealed every single week, and there never seems to be a shortage of them on shelves. One day millions of them will probably take up a landfill to themselves. But honestly, I love Funko POPs because they're the only mainstream toy line that gives me collectible figures of characters from movies that otherwise would have no collectible merchandise. And these certainly fit that bill.