'Predator: Hunting Grounds' Trailer: Head Into The Jungle As Either Predator Or Soldier

The Predator has appeared in tons of video games since the original 1987 movie kicked off the franchise, and the hunt continues in Predator: Hunting Grounds, a new video game coming to PS4 and PC next year. Check out the trailer below, which introduces a female Predator and showcases some intense, bloody action as players take control of either Predators or human soldiers in a fight to the death.

Predator Hunting Grounds Trailer

We've written a bit about this game already, but this new trailer shows off way more of the hyper-violent action players can expect when this thing drops early next year. In the game, you can play as part of a Fireteam, a four-person squad tasked with completing missions and facing off against guerilla soldiers before a Predator takes you out. But let's be real: nobody wants to buy a Predator game and play as a human. The real draw is being able to go on the hunt as a customizable Predator, choosing one of three classifications: "a Hunter, the balanced killer; the agile Scout that can quickly stalk their prey; or the brutal Berserker that is strong and able to take massive damage."

As far as weapons go, you can choose from alien technology like the explosive shoulder-mounted Plasma Caster, the versatile Combistick (which can work as a short-range weapon or be thrown like a spear), a Smart Disc (which can kill multiple enemies in the same throw), Wrist Blades, and, naturally, the iconic camouflage seen in the movies. There's also a new weapon called the Yautja Bow, which "deals massive damage to its prey and will pin the enemy to walls and other structures at death." I can't help but think about games like Mortal Kombat when I see a Predator effortless yank a skull and spinal column out of an enemy soldier, and the amount of blood here should make the developers of Mortal Kombat series stand up and applaud.

My big question is: is there a helicopter located anywhere on the Hunting Grounds map? Players are going to be screaming their awful Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions anyway, so there may as well be an actual "choppah" that players can get to, right? They should lean into it an include a whole "Get to Da Choppah" mini-game, where you play as a human who has to outmaneuver a Predator in a race to a waiting helicopter.

Predator: Hunting Grounds hits shelves on April 24, 2020.