'IT Chapter Two' Honest Trailer: The Scariest Thing Might Be The Running Time

After Stephen King's IT arrived on the big screen with chills and thrills, making it the highest grossing horror movie of all-time, audiences couldn't wait to see how the story continued. But were they anticipating it enough to sit through a 169-minute movie where half of the adventure doesn't really payoff and has more laughs than scares? The significantly less impressive box office says no, and honestly, they're probably better off for it. Find out why in the Honest Trailer for IT Chapter Two below.

IT Chapter Two Honest Trailer

Maybe the biggest problem with IT Chapter Two is that the juxtaposition of horror and comedy is rather jarring. There seem to be far too many jokes to let the movie feel truly scary. Just when you feel suspense or tension, there's another joke that comes up. Granted, some theorize that humor and horror are closer than you might thing thanks to our feelings of incongruity and transgression. We laugh when something unexpected happens, but we can also feel fear in the face of something sudden. Unfortunately, that's not really what happens with IT Chapter Two, and instead we're left with more of a feeling of confusion and exhausting when all is said and done.

But perhaps the weirdest thing in this movie is how the actors who played the young Losers' Club needed to be digitally de-aged because many of them grew up too much in the two years following the release of IT. Specifically, Finn Wolfhard, Jeremy Ray Taylor, and Jack Dylan Grazer grew up enough that their faces needed some visual effects help to look like their young selves again. It's a reminder of how fast we're all sprinting to the grave, and that's more terrifying than most of what Pennywise does throughout the movie, especially since he never actually kills anyone when he has a chance.