If You Want Official 'Star Wars' Baby Yoda Merchandise With The Same Cheaply Printed Image, We Have Good News

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Remember when we found out that there would be some merchandise featuring The Mandalorian's scene-stealing little character Baby Yoda? Well, some of that merchandise is officially available, and if you were hoping to get your hands on items that all have the same cheaply printed image on them, then you're going to love this initial line-up of Star Wars Baby Yoda merchandise. Check out some of the items below.

Did you love the piece of concept art that Jon Favreau posted online not long after The Mandalorian debuted? Then you're going to love this shirt featuring the adorable Baby Yoda in his little cloth satchel (via StarWars.com):

Star Wars Baby Yoda Merchandise

This t-shirt has the title of the second episode of The Mandalorian on it, and it's what Lucasfilm is probably hoping fans will start calling the character. But Baby Yoda is so much more appealing. Speaking of appealing, how about that exact same image of Baby Yoda, but in black and white, just like an indie album cover?

Star Wars Baby Yoda Merchandise

Is that a little too hipster for you? Maybe you'll like when Baby Yoda gets a little more bold with a purple circle:

Star Wars Baby Yoda Merchandise

How cool is that? Haven't you always wanted a t-shirt like this? No? Oh, well, then how about this version:

Star Wars Baby Yoda Merchandise

It's nice that the people at Lucasfilm consumer products took the time to head down to their local t-shirt printing shop and quickly order these shirts. Surely they got a bulk discount and maybe a pizza coupon or something.

Don't worry if you're not a t-shirt person, because there are plenty of other incredibly awesome pieces of Baby Yoda merchandise to hold you over. For example, you can get that exact same t-shirt image of Baby Yoda as a sticker.

Star Wars Baby Yoda Merchandise

Stickers are still cool, right? you can put them on your Lisa Frank folder or whatever kids are into nowadays. Nevermind. We know what kids like, and it's being responsible with their phones. So stop yourself from shattering your screen with the protection of the Force in the form of the same goddamn image of Baby Yoda.

But kids aren't everything. Adults like Baby Yoda too. But they're too boring to like kick-ass things like stickers, phone cases and t-shirts. That's why they've made this canvas satchel for adults to carry around their stupid books and documents and dentures.

Star Wars Baby Yoda Merchandise

I guess it would have been too hard to make the satchel look like the actual satchel that Baby Yoda is in. But that's what you get when you pay when you try to make Baby Yoda merchandise in just a couple weeks. This is like a Cafe Press shop.

Since you'll be waiting awhile longer before the infinitely better Baby Yoda merchandise comes along, you can sip coffee out of The Mandalorian mug with Baby Yoda's mug on it. And don't worry, the same image is slapped right there on it.

Star Wars Baby Yoda Merchandise

What's great about this mug is that when you pour hot liquid into it, Baby Yoda's eyes close so he looks like he's sleeping. Nah, just kidding. It's just a mug with that image printed on it in the cheapest way possible.

Absolutely zero Bothans died trying to get us this Baby Yoda merchandise. All of these items and more are on sale now through AmazonDesign By HumansHot TopicshopDisneyWalmartZazzle, and 80's Tees.

Honestly, the most frustrating thing about this merchandise is that the imagery used isn't even anything from the actual series. It's concept art of the character. I suppose it would have been much harder to get more artwork approved in such a short period of time but even an image like the one below would have been great to have as an alternate set of merchandise:

The Mandalorian Episode 2 Concept Art

Unfortunately, stuff like this will likely be the only Baby Yoda merchandise we'll be getting before Christmas. Hasbro has confirmed that Baby Yoda toys won't arrive until 2020:

Oh well. No matter when Baby Yoda ends up on shelves in the form of merchandise we actually want, we'll be sure to pick some up. In the meantime, you can always scour Etsy and see what they're trying to get out there before the holidays