VOTD: How To Make An Adorable Baby Yoda Cake While You Wait For More 'The Mandalorian' Merch

If you're impatiently waiting for the new wave of The Mandalorian merchandise to arrive with the absolutely adorable Baby Yoda in the form of some kind of toy, we've got a good way to pass the time and create your own version of the little guy. In fact, this one might be even better than the toy, because it's also a delicious. Find out how to make your own Baby Yoda cake in a helpful and impressive video below.

How to Make a Baby Yoda Cake

Admittedly, this probably isn't the easiest creation for someone to make if they're an amateur baker. There's some impressive artistic skills on display here, specially when it comes to the molding chocolate. But if you can't make it look nearly as good as the Baby Yoda cake in this video, at the very least you'll have a great photo you can post on social media in the vein of the popular baking failure series Nailed It.

With Thanksgiving coming up, this could be the perfect time to make a cute cake like this. However, we take no responsibility for the guilt you might feel from eating Baby Yoda. The same goes for the trauma that kids might have when they see you cut a knife through the face of this cuddly little thing. Honestly, it's a little traumatic for us, and we're full grown adults. We don't know what we'd do if anything happened to Baby Yoda. So hopefully The Mandalorian doesn't break our hearts.