'Gremlins' Is Getting A Theatrical Re-Release In 4DX, Just In Time For Christmas

Every year, Gremlins is one of the more non-traditional Christmas movies that families like to enjoy. It's not exactly filled with holiday joy and cheer, but it features a batch of nasty little monsters unleashed on a small town after a family is a little too careless with a unique creature called a Mogwai. And soon you'll be able to experience this delightful little holiday horror package in an all-new way.

Regal Cinemas has announced they'll be bringing Gremlins back to theaters next month. But instead of just being your traditional theatrical re-release, it will be shown in the immersive 4DX format, which includes moving seats and various effects that stimulate your senses. Find out more about the Gremlins 4DX release below.

Gremlins 4DX will be available in select Regal Cinemas locations from December 6 through December 11. If you've never heard of a 4DX screening, these theaters are equipped with motion-enabled chairs, which create strong vibrations and sensations, as well as other environmental controls for simulated weather or other conditions, such as lightning, rain, flashing (strobe) lights, fog and strong scents.

Regal says their screening of Gremlins will employ nearly all of their tricks, including wind, fog, lightning, bubbles, water, rain and scents, as well as the motion seats. If you've seen Gremlins, then you know exactly when these kind of effects can be employed. If you haven't, then this could be a fun way to experience the movie for the first time and add another layer of fun to your first viewing.

Head over to the Regal website to see where Gremlins 4DX will be playing.