'Hobbs And Shaw' Honest Trailer: Idris Elba Takes On Two Buff Testicles

The Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw closed out the summer with a lot of ridiculous action. It was too long for some, didn't have enough "family" for others, but you really can't say that it was anymore stupid than the rest of the Fast and Furious movies that have slowly become superhero movies with cars. However, it did somehow manage to have even more testosterone than any of the other films in the franchise while simultaneously having an overwhelming amount of flirting.

Watch the Hobbs and Shaw Honest Trailer below to see how they break it down.

Hobbs and Shaw Honest Trailer

There really is no better way to describe Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham than two buff testicles. Of course the only way to handle that much manliness is to genetically engineer Idris Elba and turn him into a G.I. Joe. That's not even the hardest part to believe. Somehow Vanessa Kirby was a kid around the same time that Jason Statham was despite being 21 years younger than him in real life. Sure, people play above and below their age all the time, but this is insane.

Anyway, we gotta give Honest Trailers more credit this week than usual. Even though they called Eiza Gonzalez by the wrong name in the roll call, they pegged the perfect alternate title for this movie with Brolo (A Car Wars Story). Now all we need is to give the rest of the Fast and the Furious franchise their own Car Wars titles too.