'A League Of Their Own' TV Series Adds 'The Good Place' Scene Stealer D'Arcy Carden

The prospect of Amazon turning the beloved 1992 sports dramedy A League of Their Own into a half-hour comedy series was already an enticing one, largely thanks to the involvement of Broad City co-creator, co-writer, co-executive producer, and co-star Abbi Jacobson taking a starring role in the series, not to mention co-writing and executive producing again. Now we're even more excited because The Good Place co-star D'Arcy Carden, who plays the virtual assistant Janet on the afterlife comedy series, will be joining the A League of Their Own series.

TV Line has word on D'Arcy Carden joining the A League of Their Own series at Amazon. However, there are no details about either of the characters that Carden or Jacobson will be playing on the show. The original film followed two sisters who join the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, but find their relationship tested by a rivalry that grows between them on the field. However, the series might be losing the sibling angle of the original story since it's not mentioned in the official synopsis:

A League of Their Own is a half-hour comedy infusing the warmth, humor and DNA of the classic film, while taking a contemporary spin on the stories of the women surrounding the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The show will begin with the formation of the league in 1943 and follows the Rockford Peaches, season to season as they struggle to keep the team alive through close games, injuries, late night bar crawls, sexual awakenings, not crying and road trips across a rapidly changing United States. The series dives deeper into the issues facing the country while following a ragtag team of women figuring themselves out while fighting to realize their dreams of playing professional baseball.

The sibling rivalry doesn't need to be present in order to make this series work. If anything, following a group of women who are just playing baseball together makes for a less melodramatic premise. We could be looking at something like GLOW but set in the world of baseball in 1943, and that's sounds just fine to us.

Considering the setting of the story, we'll likely see further exploration of the role of women during World War II, but through the lens of one of the less conventional careers they took on while men were away fighting. Jacobson is an outstanding comedy writer, and I can't wait to see how she tackles a league of professional female baseball players during this time period with a contemporary voice. Plus, I'm sure the cast will be full of even more outstanding comedy talent, so stay tuned to see who else joins.