'Jaws' Poster By George Bletsis Takes Us Under The Sea

At this point, there are probably enough Jaws prints available that you could fill an entire room with only imagery from Steven Spielberg's 1975 classic. But it may be worth making some extra room for this new one from artist George Bletsis, which takes us underwater and gives us a shark's-eye view of some unsuspecting Amity beachgoers.

/Film is happy to exclusively debut the new Jaws poster from Vice Press and Bottleneck Gallery in advance of this weekend's Thought Bubble Comic Convention in the United Kingdom. Check it out below, along with some close-up shots that give you a better look at the details in the piece.

George Bletsis Jaws Poster

Jaws poster full size - George Bletsis

Vice Press is teaming up with Bottleneck Gallery to unveil this new Jaws piece at Thought Bubble Comic Convention this weekend, which is the biggest independent comic convention in the U.K. The convention is focused specifically on comics, art, and creators, and is curated by Tula Lotay; it takes place in Leeds, about 170 miles north of London. If you can make it in person, this piece will be available at the Vice Press booth, which will be located at Tables 42 – 44 in the Comixology originals hall.

The Jaws poster is 24x36 inches and is a 7 color screen print by White Duck, designed with a "CMYK" feel to give it a cool, retro vibe. I love the way the shark can't even be contained within the edges of the frame, because it replicates the movie's terrifying, effective, and judicious decision to rarely show the full creature. It's an edition of 225, and if you won't be able to attend the convention, any remaining copies will be sold online at Bottleneck Gallery and Vice Press on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, so mark your calendars and bookmark their pages now.

Matt Ferguson Shaun of the Dead quad

Vice Press is also hosting a special screening of Edgar Wright's classic zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead at Thought Bubble this Friday night, where an exclusive poster from artist Matt Ferguson will be on sale for attendees. While the reveal of that exclusive poster is being held until the night of the screening, Ferguson also produced this quad poster for the film that will be up in the theater where the screening is scheduled to take place. If you're going to be in the area, you can buy tickets to that event right here.