'Watchmen' Soundtrack From Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross Is Now Streaming

People can't stop talking about HBO's Watchmen. Seemingly every element of the new series has captured the public's attention – especially the absolutely banging soundtrack courtesy of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. People have been thirsting for the moody, ominous score since the show premiered, and now, it's finally here. Well, the first volume, at least. The soundtrack is set to be released in three volumes, but the first volume of the Watchmen soundtrack is now streaming. Feast your ears on it below.

If you've been waiting to hear the Watchmen soundtrack, the wait is (partially) over. The first volume of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross' fantastic score is available to stream above, with two more volumes to come. In addition to the streaming version, there's also a vinyl release. While the music included on the vinyl is the same as the streaming version above, the packaging has been made to look like a fictional album within the world of Watchmen, from a band called Son of Pale Horse.

Pale Horse was a band featured in the original Watchmen comic that died during the fake alien squid attack on New York. The Watchmen series supplement site Peteypedia has more info on the Son of Pale Horse album:

New on the radar is the re-release of The Book of Rorschach by Sons of Pale Horse, a short-lived space rock band of the nineties named after the popular death metal group that perished on November 2 during the Dimensional Incursion Event. The new edition is set to "drop," to use the music industry parlance, on November 4, which is to say, a couple days after the 24th anniversary of the D.I.E. It's something of a squidsploitation exercise, though this might be the least of its offenses to good taste. You might remember the record if you came of age in the early part of the century. It was one of those one-hit-wonder things and considered controversial for offending the sensibilities of the time; it didn't "know the room," to use a phrase that I tend to hear quite often. For those raised on classical music — or, in the case of Deputy Director Farragut, raised in New York, during the last of the radio-free years — all you need to know is that the album was inspired by "Rorschach's Journal" (explored in a recent memo; copies at my desk, feel free to come by anytime to ask me for one), and that the record is known to be popular with two types of vigilante profiles on the Werthem Spectrum, the rare Objectivist/Messianic and the increasingly common Paramilitary/Nihilist. An obvious example would be the Seventh Kavalry in Oklahoma. Field reports from Tulsa have indicated that original editions of The Book of Rorschach were found in 7K homes during the police raids that followed the "White Night" in 2016.

Yes, when it comes to Watchmen, even the vinyl soundtrack release has easter eggs. The vinyl release of volume 2 arrives on November 25, 2019, and volume 3 drops December 16, 2019. You can expect those two volumes to be streaming around those dates as well.