'Leo From Toledo' Gets Mel Gibson, Frank Grillo And Director Joe Carnahan Back Together

Mel Gibson and Frank Grillo already teamed up with The A-Team director Joe Carnahan for a sci-fi action thriller called Boss Level. You haven't seen that movie yet (pictured above) because it's still in post-production, but apparently the experience for all of them was a positive one, because they're getting back together for another movie.Leo from Toledo will have Mel Gibson and Frank Grillo back in front of the camera for a fairly typical action thriller premise that will have Joe Carnahan returning to direct. So what's the story about?The Wrap has news of Leo from Toledo coming together with Joe Carnahan and Frank Grillo producing through their WarParty Films production banner. Lawrence Grey is also on board as a producer from his Grey Matter Productions, which will also have Ben Everard executive producing along with Noah Rosen.Leo from Toledo follows former killer for the Kansas City mob who has left his dangerous job behind and is now hiding in witness protection. But this killer has trouble remembering simple things, though he does remember some of the more unsavory details of his past. The only problem is there are people looking for him who want to know the things he's forgotten, and that's going to make it rather hard for him to enjoy the things that really matter to him: an estranged daughter and granddaughter.

It's not clear if Mel Gibson or Frank Grillo is playing the lead, but the role would be suitable for either one of them. It's not hard to picture them playing the antagonist of the film too. For his part, Gibson sounds excited about collaborating with Carnahan and Grillo again:

"I've seldom had more fun than sitting in a writer's room with producer Lawrence Grey and writer-director Joe Carnahan, while we spitballed on this story. It's a tight, fast thriller, but its quirky observations had me in stitches. It's a real treat to be able to work with Joe and Frank Grillo again after the great experience I had with them on 'Boss Level' last year. Joe is one of the most efficient, whimsical action directors I've ever known, and 'Leo From Toledo' is the perfect showcase for his talent. I can't wait to sink my teeth into this story and character with this phenomenal team."

Carnahan is rather thrilled about this new project as well:

"Leo' is the kind of movie I love to make, it's funny and heartfelt with a ton of great action," Carnahan added. "Being able to work with Mel, and Frank again is a real gift. It rarely happens that you get to make films with the people you love and respect, so I consider myself blessed. I feel like Leo is a 'return to form' of sorts for Mel. The script allows him to be both funny and dramatic at different turns and I can't wait to see what he does with that character."

It's hard to know whether or not we should be excited about these three working together again when we haven't seen Boss Level yet. In general, the prospect of Mel Gibson continuing to work isn't exactly the most enticing prospect. This film is just now going out to look for buyers on the American Film Market this week, so there's a chance it might not come together in the near future. But as of now, shooting is looking to begin sometime in the first quarter of next year.