VOTD: Kevin Smith And Jason Mewes Honored With TCL Chinese Theatre Hand & Footprint Ceremony

This week, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot hit theaters for a limited engagement thanks to Fathom Events (read our review here), but it will also be touring the country for the next few months as part of the official Reboot Roadshow with Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith accompanying the movie. But before that, the on-screen duo best known as Jay and Silent Bob were cemented in Hollywood history with the famous TCL Chinese Theatres ceremony hand and footprint ceremony, and you can watch the entire presentation below.

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes Hand and Footprint Ceremony

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes put their names, handprints, and footprints in cement 25 years after they burst onto the big screen with the indie comedy Clerks. Smith was honored by Ben Affleck, his longtime friend and collaborator who recently reunited with the filmmaker after hitting a rough patch in their relationship. Meanwhile, Kevin Smith's daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, paid tribute to Jason Mewes. Then both of the honorees got a chance to show their gratitude and humility.

The ceremony took place earlier this week, and Kevin Smith was in pure disbelief about it all. He wrote on Instagram (edited for clarity to remove Instagram names and hashtags):

"Today was the weirdest, most wonderful day of my entire 25 year career! A quarter century after CLERKS debuted, Jay and Silent Bob added their hand and feet prints to the legendary courtyard outside the most famous movie theater in the universe: the TCL Chinese Theatres in Hollywood, California!

This was never meant to be. I'm still not convinced they don't have me confused with Kevin James. But 40 years after my Mom and Dad took me, my brother and my sister to the Chinese to see the stars, we were all together again, back in the courtyard, an urn carrying what was left of my father. 40 years ago, Dad said to me "Maybe *you'll* be here one day." He had no idea how right he was.Thanks to our boy Ben Affleck and our girl Harley Quinn Smith for the beautiful intros, Elie and Lisa at the TCL Chinese Theatre for letting us into a very exclusive, star-studded club, and Jordan Monsanto @jordanmonsanto for working so hard to make it all happen! But biggest thanks go to Jason Mewes – a true American original whose unique, hysterical take on the world (and whose uncanny ability to invent magic words like "Snoogans") not only got us into the movie biz, but also but also cemented our characters Jay and Silent Bob in Hollywood history as well! Literally! At the last minute, I pressed Dad's urn into the cement next to my imprints – because even though he's not with us anymore, Dad was still a big part of today. I found my rainbow connection, Pop – just like the lovers, the dreamers, and you!"